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The compassionate team at MK Care offers various social activities to our clients. Social stimulation plays a very important role in keeping our clients active and happy. We offer companionship care in order to provide our clients with company and friendship. Companions are available to help with various household chores, but their primary role is to spend time with the client. For example, our client’s grown children may opt to hire a companion to keep a watchful eye on their aging parents. Companionship care can include:

House Keeping

MK Care Solutions understand that physical limitations and the effects of aging can keep our clients from completing basic chores. We offer basic housekeeping services to our clients in order to maintain an orderly living space.
Light housekeeping can be defined in many ways, but it typically applies only to the client and the areas used by the client. These areas include the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. For example, after meal preparation and eating meals, our clients can expect the dishes to be cleared away, washed and put away. Additionally, our clients can count on their baths being drawn and clean towels being available for their use. Once their baths have concluded, our caregivers are sure to either hang the towels and items used for bathing or put them into the laundry. It is important to have a clean bathroom when caring for seniors and our caregivers make sure to clean up the bathroom after use.


Respite Care

If you provide care to a senior or special needs adult, and are in need of quality respite care in Sydney, you have come to the right place. MK Caretakers has excelled in this area of in-home care since we opened for business in 1988.

Our locally based company offers caregivers support. By stepping in with our qualified staff of caretakers, we allow you to step away from the non-stop duties that come with caring for a family member.
One common mistake that many caretakers make is that they try to do everything themselves. This is especially true for adult children who are caring for an aging parent. They feel like it is their duty to handle every single one of their loved one’s needs.

By trying to whether the 24/7 nature of this task, you risk a lot of things

Meal Preparation

Healthy eating is a necessity for good health, especially when it comes to the elderly. It has been proven that a lot of elderly people are not eating balanced diets, resulting in malnutrition, development of new or worsening of existing medical conditions.

Many elderly people find it easier to eat junk food than prepare food with carefully picked out ingredients, or they are simply unable to go to the market regularly and buy and carry all the groceries required for a balanced diet. On the other hand, many don’t have an appetite and not all food agrees with them. Moreover, if they have a medical condition that requires a special dietary regime, careful meal planning becomes even more necessary.

Bathing And Grooming

At MK Care Solutions, our highly trained professionals are experienced in senior care. Our focus is to allow our clients to have a normal life, while giving their loved ones the assurance that they are in great hands. One such way we can help is to keep up with regular activities such as bathing and grooming. Our professionals assist seniors with bathing, shaving, showering, grooming and changing clothes, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Having the ability to still do these activities, with a little assistance, helps our clients feel better both mentally and physically. As one could imagine, as limitations progress with seniors, even basic hygiene becomes challenging. Our well trained in-home caregivers can accommodate their clients based on their individual level of need. 

Errands & Transportation

Right at Home offers caregiving services for almost any family and practically any situation. Our in-home care lets loved ones enjoy life in the comfort of a familiar environment. And we tailor all of our services to your unique situation

* Full service transportation, not just door to door
* Shopping at the stores you prefer
*Pharmacy, Church, clubs, classes and any appointments
* Includes any home care needed at home
* Will bring purchased items into your home for you and put away
* Multiple stops? No problem!

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At MK Care Solutions we  provide support to individuals who require help and/or supervision carrying out daily tasks. This Support aims to assist them to live as independently as possible whilst building their skills. 

The services are provided to individuals who classify for Supported Independent Living either within their own home or a shared house. 

Our experienced team of Support Workers assist the SIL community to achieve daily tasks. These include: personal care, transport, household chores, shopping, meal preparation, medication assistance, community participation, and so much more. 

Our specialised SIL Management Team is ready and able to assist you through the whole process including helping with the collation of documents through to NDIS Budget Approvals and Service Delivery. 

Plan Management

Plan Management is when a provider such as MK Care Solutions supports you to manage funding in your NDIS Plan. These providers are known as Plan Managers. 

With US; we make your NDIS experience a breeze with Plan Management. We undertake the day-to-day administration that comes with a NDIS Plan – receiving invoices from providers, checking them for accuracy, confirming that services are delivered, claiming money from the NDIA, making payments to your providers, and sending you regular updates so that you can see how much you have utilized of your Plan.

Support Coordination

At MK Care Solutions we help you to identify, coordinate and access support services. Support Coordination is a service that looks to assist NDIS participants in understanding, implementing and organising their Plans. Through Support Coordination; Maple Community Services™ can help you find the right Service Providers for your needs, and coordinate all your supports – including mainstream, informal, community, and funded supports.

Working with you and your support network, we will assist you to explore your options, educate you on how to navigate the NDIS, and find creative ways to utilise your Plan Funding. 

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