At Trust House Security Company, we are a passionate company who gets excited when we walk into a store and see the product that we handle for you on the shelves. In that respect, we are truly contributing to your success..


We are the leading xsecurity, shipping and transport solutions company. 

Air Freight 


Inland Haulage


Choose your destination and we will help you, achieve your dream.

We provide fundamental warehousing and distribution services that customers can rely on every day, with real time inventory, serial and lot control, same day shipping and delivery, and a flexible space and work force. We also have online inventory access and reports in real time.

 Trust House Security  looks at Customer Compliance as an opportunity to show case our systems and work force. Our WMS and on site programmers can bridge the gap with EDI, making sure valuable assets like Minerals are safely kept by our flexible work force who prepares the product for shipping.

THSC Logistics calls this Value Added Readiness because we’re always ready with our flexible work force to keep your supply chain connected and fluid. When the unexpected happens we make it right. We have done thousands of special projects, frequently accommodating one-time only projects.

Trust House Security company understands that your success is contingent on selling your products through various channels and to a variety of customers. After all, the basic requirement for every product is to first reach its intended customer. Only from thereon, the success story of every business and product begins. Whether you do business with major or small retailers, individuals etc.


Tom Wilson

December 15, 2018 at 13:37 GMT

“I am very pleased with the service provided by Trust House Security. They find good carriers and use them regularly so we get a high level of service. Their communication and problem solving are outstanding.”

Thank you, again. You’re the best.


December 15, 2016at 19:00 GMT

"I just wanted to comment on how wonderful it is to work with the people at Trust House. You can always count on this group to do their best, even with short notice. I can't say enough about the care and attention to details they give our customers. We are lucky to have such a wonderful warehouse who cares about our customers as much as we do! That's hard to find these days!"

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